The BDPST Group signed an agreement for the sale of the Lifestyle Hotel Mátra


The BDPST Group Zrt. signed an agreement on the sale of the 4-star Lifestyle Hotel Mátra, located in Mátraháza. Starting from August 1, 2023, the hotel’s operations will be handed over to the new owner, Peter’s Consulting Limited Liability Company.

From August 1, 2023, the Peter’s Consulting Limited Liability Company will take over the ownership and operation of the Lifestyle Hotel Mátra. The BDPST Group’s hotel operations division had been strengthening the service quality of the hotel since 2021 for nearly 2 years. During this time, the group, both as an operator and owner, emphasized increasing the hotel and the region’s tourism potential.

The 114-room complex located at the foot of Kékes Mountain was acquired by the BDPST Group in 2021. The goal was to provide a place for guests seeking mental and physical rejuvenation in a mountainous environment, which can operate with good occupancy throughout the year thanks to its excellent location and rich range of services. In the future, the Lifestyle Hotel Mátra will continue to welcome relaxation-seeking guests with its accustomed high-quality services and team.

„The sale of the 4-star wellness hotel aligns with the BDPST Group’s long-term strategy, which lays the foundation for introducing the new umbrella brand, BOTANIQ Collection. This premium brand allows for establishing a coordinated level of service across its units. Through the transformation of the hotel portfolio, a new, unified value proposition, and a corresponding high-quality standard will be implemented,” – stated Zoltán Somlyai, the CEO of BDPST Hotel Management Zrt.



About BOTANIQ Collection:

BOTANIQ Collection includes premium-quality hotels, gastronomic units, and services that may differ in theme but share a common approach and values toward their environment. The places under this brand become unique signature destinations with their distinct personality and stories, creating representative, homely, and authentic atmospheres. The BOTANIQ Collection ensures that guests can expect the same level of quality, service, and experience in all affiliated units. Currently, the BOTANIQ Collection includes the BOTANIQ Castle of Tura and its restaurant, Clarisse, Verno House, Flava Kitchen & More, the renewed Andrássy Kúria & Spa and its restaurant, and Bobajka. The brand will be further strengthened with the opening of Botaniq Budai Klub in the summer of 2023, Hungary’s first premium private club, which will welcome those seeking relaxation and recreation with a restaurant, various wellness and fitness services, tennis courts, and a „kids club” for children.


About BDPST Group:

Founded in 2015, the BDPST Group is a dynamically growing investment company. Its strategic goal is to become an outstandingly high-performing conglomerate with a strong economic vision, capable of competing internationally across sectors. The group manages numerous investments in the tourism real estate market, financial sector, and logistics field. Economic, social, and environmental sustainability principles and practices are of paramount importance to the group. Therefore, it seeks investments that meet these criteria while also contributing to the preservation of Hungary’s architectural heritage and adding value to the real estate market.