About us


Ambition, knowledge, tradition and innovation - these are the core values that define the work of BDPST Group from planning through implementation to the operational phase.

We believe that the investments of our group preserve our cultural heritage by retaining the aesthetic characteristics of the imposing buildings, providing them with new functions and ensuring the long-term operation based on a stable business model while also contributing to the building of a sustainable future.


We aim to renovate the ruined, abandoned buildings that are invaluable from cultural and business aspects to make them be capable of showing the spirit of the past and the demands of our modern age by creating value with their new function from an economic point of view, as well.


In line with the expectations of our age, the different renovation processes involve the use of the most modern, environmentally conscious architectural and building engineering solutions that can be applied in the buildings concerned. We do all this while respecting the original characteristics and aesthetic values of the buildings concerned.


When renovating and modernizing historic buildings, we have to comply with several rules and quality standards which require specialised knowledge and experience. BDPST Group works together with highly skilled professionals who have decades of experience and aim to achieve that the properties will retain their aesthetic characteristics, they will be given modern functions and operated in the long term in a value creating way.


By renovating old buildings, BDPST Group builds a bridge between the heritage of the past and the values of a sustainable future, and, at the same time, it honours the work of architects and creators of the period. Our group also enhances the reputation of the Hungarian catering and tourism sector having a long tradition by enriching the high-end tourism and gastronomic offer of the Hungarian regions through our investments.

Our activities

The pillars of the activity of BDPST Group are knowledge, tradition, ambition and innovation. These principles accompany the real estate development projects from planning through implementation to the operational phase. The investments of BDPST Group preserve the traditional values of the past by renovating and modernizing the imposing buildings, providing them with new functions and ensuring their long-term operation based on a stable business model, while they also contribute to the building of a sustainable future.

BDPST Ingatlanfejlesztő Kft. is the professional knowledge centre of BDPST Group. The company is the promoter of preparation, implementation as well as the promoter of projects under completion and before delivery.
As a result of the added value of our development activities and the creative work conducted jointly with the architects, we explore the potentials of the project sites, create harmony between the environment and the planned functions, and we also build lasting works from the aspects of architecture and city branding.
It is a continuous challenge for our experts in charge of the projects to realize the vision approved by the investors and the authorities while respecting community interests and the values of the past, and being in line with the conditionalities of our business plans and the expectations of the future users.
We are convinced that the development of our built environment is the responsibility we all bear.

BDPST Hotel Management Zrt. is the hotel management, hotel development and consulting company of BDPST Group. It offers its clients the widest choice of hotel services in all project phases, from developing the first ideas and concepts to the successful operation.
Our services are not limited to only one type of hotel: our references include business hotel in town, castle, wellness and B&B hotel, as well. Our continuously growing professional team of recognised experts has decades of experience gained in the hotel and catering industry nationally and internationally.
We believe in reasonable and transparent hotel management, while we offer our clients solutions which are based on international standards, but are still special and unique. We manage all the hotels we are in charge of with utmost care.

BDPST Hotel Management Projects:

Alice Hotel
Andrássy Kúria & SPA
BOTANIQ Castle of Tura
D8 Hotel
Hotel Atrio del Mar
Hotel Dorothea

As the subsidiary of BDPST Group, BDPST Koncept works on the development of a narrative that is constructed through the brand strategy of international hotels and restaurants as well as the historical past.
Experience has shown in the beginning already that there is a need to support our clients with the development of strategy and concept along with property development and hotel management. Therefore we established BDPST Koncept, which provides assistance in developing a narrative that gives a solid basis for creating and improving a new product, hotel or restaurant. To achieve this, BDPST Koncept involves creative professionals, and it combines the owners’ needs with the market trends and opportunities.
BDPST Koncept is not only involved in the design phase, but it also accompanies the development and construction processes, and then, it introduces the mature brand on the market.
Its priority is to bring long-term domestic and international success to its clients through the narrative based on the historical past.

BDPST Koncept projects:

Alice Hotel
Andrássy Kúria & SPA
BOTANIQ Castle of Tura
Hotel Atrio del Mar
Hotel Dorothea