BDPST Koncept


As the subsidiary of BDPST Group, BDPST Koncept works on the development of a narrative that is constructed through the brand strategy of international hotels and restaurants as well as the historical past.
Experience has shown in the beginning already that there is a need to support our clients with the development of strategy and concept along with property development and hotel management. Therefore we established BDPST Koncept, which provides assistance in developing a narrative that gives a solid basis for creating and improving a new product, hotel or restaurant. To achieve this, BDPST Koncept involves creative professionals, and it combines the owners’ needs with the market trends and opportunities.
BDPST Koncept is not only involved in the design phase, but it also accompanies the development and construction processes, and then, it introduces the mature brand on the market.
Its priority is to bring long-term domestic and international success to its clients through the narrative based on the historical past.

BDPST Koncept projects:

Andrássy Kúria & SPA
BOTANIQ Turai Kastély
– Fonograf
Hotel Atrio del Mar
Hotel Dorothea
– Verno House