Verno House

Located next to Szabadság tér in Október 6. utca, the building of Verno House has witnessed a number of eras since its construction.

Oasis In The Heart Of The City

50 Rooms

2022: Estimated Year Of Reopening

The building, which previously functioned as a tenement, has been a popular accommodation of artists, philanthropists and politicians in the past more than hundred years thanks to its central location. The landscaping of Szabadság tér, which is situated in the vicinity of the popular building, started at the end of the 1870s on the initiative of István Széchenyi, hereby providing the house with an attractive environment instead of the previous dusty and sandy park. The tenement has become a real community space over the years, and BDPST Group aims to recall this community space and downtown oasis through the building of Verno House. The hotel, which is planned to be completed by the third quarter of 2022, is to welcome its future guests with the paintings of the artists having visited the hotel once, and, decorated with visual elements recalling the green areas of Budapest and surrounded by loads of live plants. With its 50 rooms, spa division, restaurant as well as terrace and bar, Verno House is going to provide the atmosphere of a true downtown oasis amid the busy streets of the capital.

1051, Budapest, Október 6. u. 26