BDPST Group helps hundreds of refugees


The group of companies provides accommodation and care for people fleeing from Ukraine in the countryside as well as in the capital. The company is conducting further consultations with a number of aid organisations on the cooperation possibilities. On the whole, BDPST Group can contribute to helping hundreds of refugees.

BDPST Group is committed to helping the refugees and the aid organisations in charge of refugee care in the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine with all its available resources. For this purpose, the group is soon to provide accommodation for nearly a hundred refugees, mostly mothers and their children, fleeing from Ukraine in Budapest by renting the necessary properties.

Furthermore, BDPST Group has also joined the initiative launched by the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association, which helps with the accommodation and care of refugees arriving in Hungary by collecting and coordinating the related offerings of the Hungarian hotels. In this framework, BDPST Group is offering the available rooms of D8 hotel in Budapest and Lifestyle Hotel Mátra in Mátraháza, which are operated by the group, with all-inclusive service, three meals a day free of charge for families fleeing from the war zone.

Besides, they are providing support in further places in the countryside: in cooperation with the relevant municipality, authorities and aid organisations, the group of companies is providing food for the refugees staying in different locations in Tarcal, and a similar cooperation started in Tura, as well.

BDPST Group has contacted the Maltese Charity Service and the Hungarian Interchurch Aid (it has had a number of cooperations with the latter) to discuss further possible cooperations to be realized through their coordination with regard to the provision of care, employment opportunities or accommodation.

BDPST Group is also encouraging its employees to contribute to the management of the humanitarian crisis and to help the refugees through voluntary work, and the opportunity is created for this as part of the cooperation with the Hungarian Interchurch Aid.

The group can contribute to helping hundreds of refugees in the above mentioned ways.