Guests have rewarded BOTANIQ Castle of Tura again 


After 2021, BOTANIQ Castle of Tura has won the’s Traveller Review Awards prize this year again. The online travel agency awards the prize to the accommodations with the best reviews every year. The services, unique design and atmosphere of the hotel, which is operated by BDPST Group, met with almost maximum satisfaction from the guests on the basis of the reviews submitted on the website. Having been awarded with this latest prize, BOTANIQ Castle of Tura awaits those who wish to relax in an extraordinary environment with exclusive dining experiences and unique wellness and spa services.

Since its opening, BOTANIQ Castle of Tura has received a number of recognitions from the tourism industry. This year, has rewarded the services of the hotel offered to its guests again. The Booking Traveller Review Awards competition rewards accommodations on the basis of guest reviews, hereby assessing their work and commitment every year.

The award received is a sign of satisfaction by the previous guests, and it also acts as a guarantee of the excellence of the hotel for the future guests. The review score BOTANIQ Castle of Tura has received is 9.7. Based on the reviews of Hungarian as well as foreign guests, the castle contributes to the relaxation and recreation of its visitors with excellent services and a unique environment, and the hotel and BDPST Group are continuously working on the improvement of these.

“The Castle of Tura has undergone huge development recently so as to ensure that our guests could feel even more comfortable while spending their days within the walls of the building as well as outside of it. Also, several new functions have been added to the building, garden, outbuildings and service portfolio of the hotel”, highlighted Zoltán Somlyai, head of the hotel division of BDPST Group. “It is a great pleasure for us that our guests and, through them, also recognizes our work and everything we do to enhance guest experience. We will strive to keep and further strengthen the confidence shown towards us and BOTANIQ Castle of Tura in the coming year, as well”, he added.

Located not more than 50 kilometres away from Budapest, BOTANIQ Castle of Tura awaits its visitors with 19 rooms, two restaurants, wellness, spa and fitness services as well as a garden with ancient trees on nearly 10 and a half hectares every day of the year. With its elegant atmosphere and exceptional services, the castle is a prominent actor in the Hungarian tourism industry, and it is also supported by a number of recognitions. Last year, BOTANIQ Castle of Tura, among others, received the award for the best 5-star hotel of Hungary at the International Travel Awards competition, and it also won the Real Estate Development Excellence Award in the hotel category. Furthermore, its restaurant named Clarisse became the best fine dining restaurant of Hungary at the International Dining Awards.